Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I remembered clearly the day I decided to apply as an MC VP ER in my country. That day I was looking for the right reason for me to run for MC position. I am aware that it was a tough decision to make because it will affect my journey in life, at least for one or two years ahead. So, as usual I tried to listen what my heart is going to say about this because I’m the kind of person who believe that everything you do should align with it. That’s how I made most of my decisions so far. And I prefer to be alone while I’m doing that, the listening to your heart thingy.
Long story short, I ended up watching Babel alone. Because I like the way that movie sometimes, or many times, could inspire you to do things. Weird, but it’s true. It was a great movie, and I really like the way Inarritu (sorry if I spelled him wrong) put scene after scene like a puzzle that finally fits together to make the movie unified in the end. He also let the audience interpret the movie themselves. Of course I have my own interpretation.
Long time ago, in the story of Babel, God cursed human so they speak in various languages and left the Tower of Babel unfinished because of the miscommunication among them. As times goes by, people manage to communicate even though they speak different language. End of story? Not yet…
Inarritu shows in the movie implicitly that the barriers to communicate lies between human themselves although they shared the same language. Such barriers may exist because of their prejudice. And Inarritu shows this when US Government delaying the rescue for the wounded tourist because they suspect it was a terrorist attack. Or when the US border patrol suspect that the nanny kidnapped the kids.
On the contrary, people could communicate effectively if they have compassion and willingness to understands, even they didn't share the same language. Language not necessarily act as the only effective tools for communication. The scene when the Japanese police officer try to understand the mute girl shows this. Also when the Moroccan tourist guide and the old lady help the wounded tourist.
Understanding, compassion, and openness without prejudice are keys to effective communication which could lead to greater achievement in life. Babel try to make us aware that miscommunication could lead to destruction. But then, this is just how I interpret the movie.



At 4:24 PM , Blogger ali said...

Dja, check this speech video from Stve Job's at Stanford University's graduation day..it's one of the most inspiring i've ever seen:

with smile,

At 12:00 AM , Blogger explore...dream...discover said...

yes, I have listened to it many times...I even play it to my newbie during the AIESEC Management Training, ust before we inagurate them. And when they opened their eyes, the sky outside indeed just as the one he describe in the back of the last edition of The Whole Earth Catalogue. Stay hungry...stay foolish...


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