Sunday, October 21, 2007

In Memoirs of...

A lot of people believe of heaven and hell as place where we all go after we died. That is why, at least according to me, most people try to do good deeds while they are alive. Or at least, show to the world that they do good deeds. According to their religion, believe, or just a mere faith. For someday, when their lungs no longer breathing, they will see heaven.
But I believe that heaven and hell is here. In this world. Exists everyday in our lives through our deeds. Whether it is good or bad, noble or dishonor, sincere or hypocritical. You name it. And you decide what you want to create in this world. Heaven or hell...
Sometimes I see heaven in a baby's eyes, so innocent and flawless. Or in an old man's face that I saw in a train, beamed with joy as he bought a piece of mango. Or simply by breathe in and breathe out, and realize that life is priceless.
A lot of time I see hell around me. Experience it. Feel it as people seems to produce it in a large scale. Growing so fast.
This morning, as I lied awake in my hotel bed, I experienced both. Heaven and hell. My mom just got a call from home, saying that one of my dad's employee, our driver too, had an accident. A hit and run. They took them to hospital, but he did not get treatment for they did not have enough money. Then mom called my dad and her secretary to arrange someone to go there, bring enough cash, and get him a proper treatment. Dad went as fast as he could. But it was too late. The employee died from severe bleeding. It was hell. Both of them, the damn hospital and the car that hit him.
Ija, the employee, was a very good worker. Able to do a lot of work. Never complaints. But most of all, he was a good person. Probably better than those hospital management who didn't give him treatment only because of money. Probably better that the government people who lack in providing regulations for hospitals in handling such situations. But who am I to judge. I just know that heaven is existed in that man. A mere worker who maybe anyone didn't give a damn. A worker who do a fine job. A person who obey his believe.
It made me realize that there are still a lot of things that we should do in our lives. Let there be hell no more in our lives...

I feel this quote from Kahlil Gibran as a proper reminder for us. And I present this to him.
“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”