Monday, December 31, 2007

This is my december, how's yours?

The end of December is approaching
The end of the year is just few hours ahead
The new year is soon will be present

But what is the meaning of the month of December for you?
Has it a meaning at all?

For some, December means Christmas
But then, what is Christmas means to you?
A celebration of hopes that comes to live?
A joyful day when finally salvation arrived?
A day when you gives presents to the one you love? As a symbol of affection
Or continuing the spirit of Christ? To give, to embrace and to love
The spirit that has shown by Larry Stewart, the Secret Santa...
The same spirit that has shown long time back by Santa Clause
Or now we distort the spirit to give just to earn more profit, to corrupt children's mind?

For some, December means the end of their yearly plan
When target has to be achieved, performance has to be reviewed, plan has to be evaluated, profit has to be earned in a larger scale

For some, December means the deadline to see whether your resolution has been achieved or not
Whether you has become better, skinnier, smarter, cleaner, richer or not

For me, December is the perfect time for personal reflection
The time when you look back and see how the road you take makes you person you are now
You may be satisfied or maybe not
But it doesn't matter
What matters is that you take decision to grow and to learn
What matters is for us to reflect and to learn from those great person before us
What matters is for us to learn how to give more than take more

And why December?
It's just for a sentimental reasons
Nothing more...


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