Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tokyo through the lens of a pocket camera

Most of the time, when we travel somewhere, maybe out of the country, we see a lot of beautiful sceneries. Wonderful piece of art crafted and painted in the way only nature can create. Sometimes we are so amazed and we wish that we can memorize those moments forever.

We captured those sceneries and moments through the lens of our digital camera. Store it into the database of our hard drive and revive it occasionally in the LCD of our PC. It might not be that dramatic though.

During my trip to Tokyo, I tried to capture some sceneries and moments through a different lens. Not through the lens of my digital camera. But through the lens of my Holga, my pocket camera. It gave me different experience and huge curiosity, since I won't be able to know the result just yet. And here is the result. It's not outstanding though, but it is different. And sometimes it is differences that made our life interesting. Enjoy.