Sunday, September 07, 2008

A simple gesture...

There was a time when I travel by bus everyday, waiting at the same spot, waiting for the same bus and recognizing all my surroundings by heart. I was always leaning back against the fence, waiting for my bus to pass by. It was never been an easy task since most of the bus look the same, even though they go to different directions. I have to always be ready to wave my hand and jump in to the right bus. On my right, beside a bench, there is always this fat guy selling drinks and cigarettes. And on my left, there are always the same bunch of bus drivers, resting and joking, waiting for their turn to take the ride. Everyone else are just like me, waiting eagerly for the right bus.

One day, a lady caught my attention. She walked slowly towards the bench, carrying her daughters on her back, holding her son on her left hand and a big duffel bag on her right hand. She seems very tired, as if she carries the world's burden on her shoulder. And I just stared. Then, her daughter began to cry. Maybe because of the heat, or maybe she was thirsty. The lady, now placing her on the lap tried to calm her down. And I just stared. Not knowing what to do and try to mind my own business. Waiting for the bus.

Suddenly, the fat guy handed out a cup of milk coffee to the girl, said that she might be thirsty because of the heat. And I just stared. This time pondering about a very nice gesture that the fat guy made. Helping a complete stranger. Then, the fat guy asked where she wanted to go, and shouted the direction to the fellow bus crew afterwards. When the bus arrived, one of them grab the boy and the duffel bag and lead her into the bus, and managed to find a seat for this lady in the crowded bus. The fat guy yelled to the driver to take the lady to her destination. And the lady never paid for the milk coffee.

And what did I do? I just stared. This time with smile on my face and a sudden disappointment on myself. I am happy because there are still some people who actually ready to offer a helping hand to a complete stranger. And these people, they are not even wealthy and maybe, they are in need as well. What they give was not expensive at all, but it is priceless. And what did I do? I just stared. I did not give any helping hands nor any attention. I just stared.

Today, as I was reading this sentence from Paulo Coelho's short stories , "the greatness of God always reveals himself in the simple things", I thanked them for the lesson learned. God do always reveals himself in the simple things. That time, the simple thing help two people; the lady and me. It made me realized that compassion is not only to have, but to undertake.

Now, I still smiling every time I remember what they have done.

A simple gesture? Maybe.
Priceless? Indeed.


At 9:32 AM , Blogger Maryana Elizabet said...

It was once on my way to the office, I saw this girl on her wheelchair, strugling so hard to climb the upward track. A glance in my mind at that time, I really need to help this girl. Then what I did next?? I did nothing but followed on my own way.

I always walk the same road everyday. And whenever I got a bit late, it always happened to see this girl with wheelchair on my way.

I missed chances like 3 times. But today, I promised myself not to miss the fourth. Yes, I gave her a helping hand to pull her wheelchair up to the track until I felt she's stable enough to do on her own. I actually don't know how to explain my feelings. I just smiled. It may because finally I could follow what my heart says about.

So my dear friend, do not waste your time to think.. Just do it..

Thanks for the nice reading. I really enjoy it.



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