Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Here I am...

Here I am. Alone.
Sitting on the ground. Leaning back against a rock in the middle of a crater.
Surrounded by trees. Massive trees. Green and reddish. Painted in such perfection.
The gentle wind blowing in my ear. Brushing my bare skin. Asking me to dance in the wind.

I closed my eyes and smiled. Staring to the perfect scenery in my mind.
My ear listened to the song of nature.
The sound of the singing birds.
The sound of boiling water.
The sound of people chattering and laughing.

I opened my eyes and looked up to the sky. It's blue. Covered with clouds. Vast and incredibly white.
I could picture myself from way up there.
So small. Insignificant.
Like a dust in the middle of Sahara.
Like a rain drop in the middle of the storm.
Like an atom in the giant universe.

Who am I?
Am I the person I supposed to be?
Am I on the right path in becoming whom I destined to be?
Will I be able to achieve my personal legend?
Will I be significant? Not for the sake of me, but for the sake of the others.
Will I be the hands of God? Like each one of us is meant to be.

Again I closed my eyes. Treasuring the moment.
The present.
The past.
The awaiting future.

I took a deep breath.
Breathed in and breathed out.
The crisp air freshened my lungs.

Suddenly, Heaven is here.
Here on Earth.
Exists in the massive trees.
In the blowing wind.
In the sound of the singing birds.
In the sound of boiling water.
In the sound of chatter and laughter.
In the vast clouds.
In the shining sun.

And in me.
I know who I am.
I am me.
Choosing to become what I am destined to be.
Choosing to fulfill my personal legend.
Choosing to be significant. Not for the sake of me, but for the sake of the greater good.
Choosing to be awaken. Not yet, but I will be.
Choosing to wake each other up.
Choosing to lead my way in this crossroad I am facing now.
Not because I am sure which way to go, but because I know that the answer will not be found unless I tried.

And who are you?
Are you already awake?
Are you still sleepwalking your life?
Who are you?

*This note is half-written in Domas Crater, Tangkuban Perahu, West Java. Thanks to my dearest friend Ali for the wonderful invitation.


At 9:58 AM , Blogger Rona Pasaribu said...

wow. a great reflection. You take a moment with nature and reflect yourself in it. what a small thing that we people forgot. and somehow it makes us a robot in life. we wake up, work, back home, without knowing the essence of what we do. Are we the persons we suppose to be? are we on the right track?(just like what you asked)or are we not?
the best part in here is your question about whether you can be significant for others' sake, or you can be hands of God. I love that part. it shows how good this world can be if we realize that we are made for one another. so stop putting ourselves in the first place!
but who am i? i'm also a person, who read this, and realized that the answer is outhere, somewhere along my way.and needed to be found.
thanks for sharing this dja! it's marvellous!

At 7:50 PM , Blogger H A K U N A M A T A T A said...

Hai reza, terakhir ketemu di blitz mega plex,,, i read your notes "here i am", it's a nice one... ini banyak anak aiesec demen sama alam alam ada fenomena apa gitu, hi hi hi MANTAP!


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