Monday, December 22, 2008

The love of walking...

If I can only do one thing everyday for the rest of my life, walking would be it...

I love the feeling when my shoes hit the pavement
Firmed and assured
Overwhelmed me with the sense of freedom
With the joy of being independent
And taking control of your life

I love the way the wind blow in my face
Even when the day is a bit unfriendly
Because it gave me the sense of being human
Vulnerable and fragile and insignificant
Yet strong enough to walk through it
Instead of just passing by

I love hearing the sound of people passing
The laughter or the chatter
The anger or the excitement
And feeling so connected to world
The real world
Without any barriers

And if I can choose one more luxury, that would be listening to my soundtrack of the day playing in my ear

I love the way how the right tunes at the right moment can change the mood
Accompanying me and my steps
Guiding me towards what awaits
Glorifying me and my wisdom of walking
Oh, such externalities that I am relying on
Yet it put me in the perfect state of mind

So, dear friends...
Walk your path
Walk your talk
Enjoy yourself and your journey while you are at it
And favor yourself with what you love
I wish them for you as I wish them for me...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kenalkan, si kawan lama...


Ini cerita mengenai si kawan lama
Dia yang begitu mengejutkan dan menyejukkan
Adiktif namun ia tidak destruktif
Malah anehnya, auranya sangat menghangatkan

Pertama kali berjumpa dengannya sudahlah sangat mempesona
Ketika itu ia datang tanpa pretensi
Namun ternyata ia penuh dengan potensi
Membuat saya langsung jatuh hati

Walau baginya mungkin saya bukan siapa-siapa
Karena memang kawannya sungguhlah banyak
Boleh dibilang ia cukup populer
Namun itu tidak membuat saya kecil hati

Sombongkah ia?
Sama sekali tidak karena hubungan kami memang tidak terlalu istimewa
Malah kalau boleh jujur hanya berjalan satu arah
Saya kepada dia dan tidak pernah sekalipun sebaliknya

Tetapi dialah yang mengajarkan saya arti mencintai seutuhnya
Tanpa harapan apapun kecuali rasa yang ia berikan ketika saya bersamanya
Walaupun itu tidaklah sering karena jarak memang terbentang diantara kita
Dan selalu ada harga yang harus dibayarkan untuk menit-menit bersamanya

Yang selalu saya bangga-banggakan

Yang selalu saya elu-elukan kepada seluruh dunia

Izinkan saya untuk mengenalkannya
Dia si kawan lama

Double Shot Berry!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I Can!

Listen to this song when you are unsure about your life and in pursuing your dreams. Don't let it fade out because you can!

My back's against the wall
My dreams are on the floor
I'm out of luck
Everyday it's hard
It seems I'm getting farther away
It will be so easy
Starting to believe in givin' up
Something's gotta change
Don't know if I can keep the pain
Everybody's trying to see the utter improbable
They don't know what's inside of me

I can
'Cause I belive I can I will
I'm holding on until I do
Not giving up
I'm gonna find a way to push you through
Though I am just an ordinary man
I'm gonna do my best
I know I am somebody
I can

Something else inside is telling me to never let it die
Just because the mountain seems a little high to climb
Something in my soul says never let it go
And don't you hide
Don't leave your diamond in the rock
Your ruby in the dust
Let it shine
And everybody's trying to tell me that it's impossible
They don't know what's inside of me

I'm gonna push it
Get above it
Tear down that wall
Even if it's brick by brick
Gotta do it
I gotta be it
I'm not gonna leave my dreams in the darkness

Well I know
Do you know it too

I can
'Cause I believe I can I will
I'm holding on until I do
Not giving up
I'm gonna pull a show until I get through
Though I am just an ordinary man
I'm gonna do my best
I know I am somebody
When you know you want someone
You can
Even if you stand alone
You'll find the strength to carry on
Just believe in your soul
Even if you are the only one in the world
It's your life
You don't get a chance to live it twice
And it's telling you to know you are somebody
I know I am someone
And I can